DuckDuckGo SEO: What You Must Recognize

DuckDuckGo SEO: What You Must Recognize

What when you learn about DuckDuckGo SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION? Read directly to learn how you'll give a boost to your website’s efficiency and visibility on this seek engine.Why We Should Always Care Approximately DuckDuckGoWhat We Must Always Know About DuckDuckGoHow to Manner WEBSITE POSITIONING for DuckDuckGoKeep DuckDuckGo On Your Radar

DuckDuckGo hit a milestone in January 2021 while it reached 100 million searches in line with day for the first time.

That begs the query: Are you optimizing for DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo has been quietly attracting users and producing more visitors to internet sites.

Over the ultimate couple of years, i've performed my own analysis and discovery to discover what it takes to accomplish well in DuckDuckGo effects.

Now, before you continue studying, needless to say there is no magic bullet or simple answer.

Instead, such a lot of what you want to do something about in terms of DuckDuckGo search engine optimization (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) isn't shocking, newsworthy, or tough.

We’ll get to that in a little bit.

First, here’s a little historical past on DuckDuckGo.

Why We Should Always Care About DuckDuckGo

My analysis into DuckDuckGo began in 2018 and at that point, data privacy issues were already on the rise.

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With antitrust claims against some of the giants together with Fb, Amazon, Apple, and Google, people are paying attention to their privacy insurance policies.

As that awareness has grown, extra and more searchers are showing apprehension referring to how their knowledge is gathered and shared.

this is one house the place DuckDuckGo actually shines.

in truth, the way in which DuckDuckGo handles knowledge is what set this seek engine aside from the beginning.

according to DuckDuckGo, it never retail outlets your individual knowledge or search history.

It doesn’t apply you with advertisements or track you across the Web.

DuckDuckGo’s mantra is understated: “no monitoring, no ad concentrated on, just searching.” It calls out Google on its website online by pointing how so much Google is monitoring you and using your data for advertisements.

in step with DuckDuckGo, there have been just about 24 billion searches performed on its website online in 2020, which mirrored an approximate FIFTY SEVEN% build up from 2019.

The day by day moderate selection of searches in December 2020 was once round SEVENTY NINE million. Compare that to December 2019, while there have been approximately FORTY EIGHT million searches.

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Below is a chart printed on that illustrates the expansion:

DuckDuckGo Traffic

Whilst those are all impressive numbers, it’s necessary to position them into standpoint.

DuckDuckGo’s market proportion pales when compared to the other major gamers: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In Line With, DuckDuckGo’s U.S. search market percentage in 2020 was 1.61%.

Search Market Share 2020 Chart

On The Other Hand, you want to observe your individual analytics developments.

Whilst reviewing various internet sites, i discovered that a few, if now not all, have become site visitors at a prime enlargement fee from DuckDuckGo.

Even Supposing those numbers are still small, it’s one thing to look at.

Under are analytics evaluating 2019 and 2020 natural site visitors from DuckDuckGo.

the full proportion of natural site visitors from DuckDuckGo most effective comprised about 2% in 2020 for this particular site, but the collection of classes used to be just about 2.5 occasions what it was once in 2019.

DuckDuckGo SEO: What You Should Know

What We Must Always Learn About DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo states that it will get its results from greater than 400 resources, starting from crowdsourced web sites to its personal crawler, DuckDuckBot.

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Because DuckDuckGo makes a speciality of privacy, it does not realize exactly where the searcher is found.

However, it may possibly approximate the positioning data through a GEO::IP search for.

DuckDuckGo explains how this works on its blog:

“whilst you hit the search button, your pc sends your search request to us. for instance, in the event you opt-in to location sharing for a website, this data contains your approximate location. or even should you don’t, your request comprises your IP address, and an approximate location may also be inferred from it, even though it isn’t always accurate.”

I tested this with the query coffee near me without permitting my region and it was still beautiful close:

coffee near me at DuckDuckGo

In case you didn’t notice within the screenshot above, DuckDuckGo is using Apple Maps to populate local search results:

DuckDuckGo Apple Maps

Now that you just take note DuckDuckGo better, how are you able to use this knowledge?

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There Is little details about optimizing for DuckDuckGo outdoor of the standard WEB OPTIMIZATION strategies.

1. Attract Quality Links

Don’t roll your eyes at this tip. It’s straight away from DuckDuckGo.

I took a screenshot when I came across this data a couple of years in the past and i believe it still applies.

DuckDuckGoquality links

Search Engine Magazine has an excellent useful resource for hyperlink building that you'll reference for this particular DuckDuckGo tip: Link Building for WEBSITE POSITIONING: An Entire Guide.

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SEMrush, SpyFu, Ahrefs, and Majestic are all gear that may allow you to identify and vet link opportunities.

you must cope with quality links, but shouldn’t that often be the case?

2. Recognize What the Searcher Would Possibly Query

Given the privateness way of DuckDuckGo, searchers will most likely regulate how they habits queries.

for example, if i do know that DuckDuckGo cannot pinpoint my precise area however i need an area result, i'd add a geo-qualifier to my question.

you'll want to get into a few pretty deep keyword analysis to really remember your guests coming from DuckDuckGo.

Gear such as Seed Key Phrases, SpyFu, SEMRush, and SE Score can all assist how individuals are on the lookout for your merchandise or services.

For more tips, check out: A Deep Key Phrase Research Process That Allows You To Draw In More Shoppers.

THREE. Optimize for Bing

Wait, aren’t we talking approximately DuckDuckGo?

here is a snippet from DuckDuckGo’s Lend A Hand Pages that addresses Bing:

Sources DuckDuckGo Help Pages

We Know that DuckDuckGo is pulling from Bing, so allow’s be sure we're following best practices for this search engine, too.

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this is one thing that you just need to be doing besides, bearing in mind it has a good proportion of the hunt marketplace.

for instance, assessment your XML sitemaps. be certain that they're correct and error-unfastened and post them to Bing Webmaster Tools (credit score to Micah Albert in this tip).

As Well As, use Bing Webmaster Gear to check the health of your website, screen move slowly and indexation efficiency, and identify optimization improvements.

Bing’s WEBSITE POSITIONING Reports can also come in at hand at this aspect.

for added knowledge on Bing WEBSITE POSITIONING, read 5 Tactics WEBSITE POSITIONING for Bing is Different from Google SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.

FOUR. Claim & Update Apple Maps Checklist

In Case You haven’t claimed your Apple Maps listing, simply visit

There are basic fields to complete once you have claimed your online business, together with:

Trade title. Deal With. Phone quantity. Hours of operation. Categories. Website. Social media profiles.
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Keep DuckDuckGo For Your Radar

Once More, there is no magic bullet or secret sauce when it involves optimizing for DuckDuckGo.

Instead, you've gotten to take care of attracting quality links, person-centered keyword research, and optimizing for the hunt engines that DuckDuckGo is the use of.

Mainly, it’s a question of getting all of your SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ducks in a row (sorry… i've been looking ahead to an opportunity to use this dangerous pun).

Extra Instruments:

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All screenshots taken through author, Might 2018 & January 2021

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