How can I mass follow people on Instagram?

Instagram's bulk tracking program allows users to track multiple accounts at the same time. This program is an extension of GrowBot Automator for Instagram.

Running on the web version of Instagram, this tool allows you to follow everyone followed by a company or celebrity, all followers of an artist, even those who comment on a particular profile.

A plugin that allows bulk tracking on Instagram can be added to Google Chrome, so anyone who wants to can do bulk tracking.

After completing the process, it is possible to remove the installed plugin.

To be a follower of more than one profile at the same time, it is necessary to install and activate GrowBot Automator.

Instagram Bulk Tracking Program

Instagram Mass Tracking Program Must Be Enabled

To be able to follow bulk on Instagram, go to the GrowBot Automator for Instagram download page and click on the “use in Chrome” button.

Then “October extension” must be selected to install the tool.

It should be noted that the GrowBot icon is then added to the browser bar and the extension is enabled. The message box indicating that the extension has been added to Chrome should also be closed.

After this process is done, Chrome must be entered into Instagram and entered into the profile, which will be followed by people in bulk.

The GrowBot Automator icon will appear next to the Instagram icon. Click on the Singen.

Below the window are Yesil buttons with different actions. The first three upload a list of accounts that follow the profile, respectively, then comment on the profile and profile. The more accounts you select, the longer the process takes, so that the number of profiles in the list can be limited in the “limit queue” field.

After adding profile categories to the list, the “follow all in ordinary” button should be pressed.

GrowBot Automator for Instagram will display all accounts on the screen. Profiles disappear from the page because they are tracked by the Bot. The process can be slow, depending on how many people will be followed. Therefore, the process should be expected to be completed.

When The Process Is Complete…
When all selected profiles are tracked, the GrowBot Automator home screen will be blank, and only “no accounts left! the message " will be displayed. Other accounts of interest should be logged in and the procedure repeated if more people are asked to follow at the same time. Take advantage of the tip to expand your contacts and see more posts in the Instagram photo stream.