How to Create Effect For Instagram Story?

Add Effects To Your Instagram Story

Instagram, which is currently in the rematch, is curious about how everyone added It. In this article, we will satisfy your curiosity.


We go to the Instagram Story screen.

Then you can swipe the icons to the left and take advantage of the effects Instagram offers us.

To see more effects, you can scroll the icons to the far left and search for different effects in the Browse effects section to add beauty to your stories.

The option to add the effect you see in a friend or another Instagram user is:

At the top of the shared story is the name of the effect used. Click on the message there and click Save effect in the options at the bottom.

add effects to your instagram story

Then, when you save the effect, the symbol next to save effect will have a white save mark. This sign means that the effect is saved.

If you want the saved effect, you can try it from the Try Now section to add color to your story.