How to reach instagram explore page

With 300 million monthly active users and substantially higher engagement rates than Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is filled          with     creative         marketing      and             community-building opportunities for companies of all sizes.

To help you use Instagram effectively as part of your wider social media strategy, we’ve developed a guide, Instagram Mastery 2.0: How to Get real & targeted audience within your niche.

First things first this guide isn’t here to only provide you with the Instagram basics, like what times to post and what filters to use. We will discuss the basics at first and swiftly switch to the more advanced tools, tips & tricks the ‘big guys’ use to market their product and get an immense amount of followers. This guide will provide you with the most important techniques you will need to grow your audience. 

But first... Did you know?

Instagram evolved into a platform of 400+ million users and is an essential part of any online business.

  • Instagram has 300 million active monthly users
  • Instagram users have shared over 30 billion photos to date, and now share an average of 70 million photos per day
  • 70 percent of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S.
  • Instagram is considered the most important social network by more American teens (at 32 percent) than any other network
  • Instagram will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year, and $2.81 billion by
  • Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21 percent
  • Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for top brands is 58 times higher than on Facebook and

120 times higher than on Twitter

  • 96 percent of US fashion brands use Instagram
  • Posts tagged with a location receive 79 percent higher engagement

So yes, now we know the immense power Instagram has, and it’s time to reveal the secrets used to control these forces. 

2. The basics

Assuming you have chosen your niche and name for your company it’s all about building and reflecting your brand through high-quality pictures and content that makes your account differ from all those other Instagram accounts. Try to be unique in your own way by choosing a style that reflects your brand’s personality and creates something your proud of. Also, you need to take an active approach to creating unique and high-quality content and post this content on a daily basis. Try to post at least 2 or 3 times a day. Don’t over do it because people won’t like

it if they see you spamming their timeline day in day out. Here’s an example of our page delivering a variety of style, personal development, cars & luxury finished with a slight touch of a beautiful woman.  

Discover your best time to post according to the number of likes, comments or engagement rate you get.


A great service for getting these insights is ys media . Get it here à IYs Media


3. How to automate your activity

If you actually do everything manually from your phone, you will get very busy, and it will limit your time to do         anything        else.   This    is         why     it’s       strongly recommended      to             fully    automate       your    content planning and posting. We will provide you with specific tools that allow you to do this. 

First of all Posting content. You might have noticed that there are not many Instagram publishing tools out there. This is unfortunate, especially for professionals, companies and brands using Instagram to power their marketing efforts.  Ys media™ is a professional

social media scheduling and publishing service. Upload your photos on the web, schedule a time—and does the rest.

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This is one of the only (legit) services that allows you to upload media from a device or even dropbox, compose drafts and then schedule the posts. 

The truth is all of the big players out there use these systems to always be 1 or 2 steps ahead. With these systems used together,  it's proven to get the most out of your posts and reach the audience you want to reach to ultimately get the most out of your page. 

We will reveal another secret in the next chapter.


4. Engaging & gaining natural followers while asleep

We often see accounts grow by hundreds of followers a day, and when you dive into their accounts, you notice they’re all fake accounts. This is NOT what we want because the power of marketing is to have an active follower base that actually responds to your content. The best way to actually reach these followers is by actually engaging with their pictures. Luckily for us, we can also automate this, and you’ll actually be engaging and creating a following while asleep! 

How? By using Ys Media

We identified our target market and saw the problem most Online Marketers face .. every single day ..

Lack of TIME ..

We simply don't have enough time to scout for 100's of people every single day and ask them if they're willing to join our business, or check out our website, or like our pictures on Instagram.. Especially when you're working a full time job, school, have a business to run or children to feed. :)


This is where we came in and took all of these things as ou responsibility. We'll have a full team working on your account 24/7, 365 .. meaning our team will follow/unfollow, like, comment and Direct Message people for you. All on autopilot.

Next to tremendously boosting your follower amount and engagement per post, the system itself also includes a lucrative affiliate program, meaning whenever you refer someone to join, you'll earn a residual commission!

So let's rewind ..  

This so called Growth Service gives me an army of people working on my account 24/7, 365 days of the year, tremendously boosts my page with new real, engaging followers and I make money while at it?

All on autopilot?

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5. How to create engagement

You might notice these accounts with 60+ reactions when they have like 10000 followers  and you’re wondering how can I manage this too? Well, the answer is very simple. à Engagement groups. An engagement group is a group of people with similar accounts that help each other grow by heavily engaging on each other’s posts. 

The idea: Whenever someone posts a new picture or video the owner shares this within the group. All of the group members click on the picture to like it and leave a comment. When combining like 6 or 7 groups of with 15 people in it you will see your pictures blow up when sharing your new post. Resulting in higher engagement, which increases your natural engagement because of the more likes and comments. 

Another way to increase your engagement is to actually care about your followers.  

You have to show your followers you are a real person and actually do care about them. Respond to your comments and go like some of your active followers’ pictures. A great way to interact with your followers is to make a post that directs them to leave a comment. For example: What is your favorite quote?  You can also do free giveaways such as gift cards or a free feature for tagging a few friends. Also, when you gain a new follower, go to their page and drop a few likes and comments.

6. The power of shout outs and how to use this

powerful tool to gain followers

This is a very important factor in your Instagram growth. All massive accounts did this and still do this to be exposed to new followers. First of all, you will find a page within your niche with roughly the same amount of followers. More profitable would be a bigger account, but they will often tell you no, or charge a fee for it. Most accounts that are on the same level will agree. When they do you post your own picture tagging their name in your caption directing traffic their way, and they do the same for you. There is also something called a Share for Share (repost for repost) where you essentially do the exact same thing except now you re-post one of their pictures on your page, and they do the same for you. This is more effective while generating traffic, but it could mess up your page style. Due to this fact, some pages put the picture on their page for 24 hours and after this remove it. When agreed upon from both sides this is also an option. 


Another way is to target bigger accounts. Let's say you have 10k followers. Try to target 20k followers and tell them if you caption shout me once I’ll caption shout you twice. This way it’s more ‘fair’ to trade the shouts. When asking for shouts always look at the engagement. It might turn out the other party bought all of his followers. If this is the case, most of his followers will be fake and won’t be able to follow you, which makes the shout a waste of time and effort. 

Another way to go is to enter a systemized shout-out group .This is a group of people that all have the same niche as you do. They team up to help each other grow. There are a few different systems, but the most common one is when all the pages give a shoutout to one page in the group each day (Monday – Page 1 , Tuesday – Page 2, Wednesday – Page 3). When it is your day to be shouted the entire group (usually around 10 accounts p/g) will post a picture tagging your name in the caption and you will gain a load of free followers. To get in touch with certain groups just look for a few accounts within your niche that have a lot of comments of other people within the same niche. Send them a DM asking if they know a shout out group you could join and voila. 


Before we mentioned all the free ways to get shout outs. Of course there are more ways to skyrocket your brand out there.  If you are serious about growing your page, you could consider investing. 

Couple key things to look for before investing:

  1. How many likes compared to followers is the page getting? 2% ratio is average. Anything more is incredible anything less isn’t worth your time or money.
  2. You can expect about a 3% return on investment, and this is 3% of average likes they receive. Ex: 1,000 likes = roughly 30-50 followers.
  3. The more engagement a page has per photo will determine the price.


Ever since Instagram promotions became a part of Instagram, Instagram has been heavily dropping the reach of promotional posts. Because of this important factor shout outs became less powerful.

Because of this try to search for an amount of real followers you buy through shout outs, instead of the occasional 3 shout outs for 30 dollar kind of thing.

Why? This way you make sure you'll get what you pay for.

An example of our shout out services nowadays are the following:

Shoutouts until 500 followers reached -             $75,- (Automation included) Shoutouts until 1.000 followers reached -  $97,- (BEST DEAL) (Automation included)

This way we make sure our customers get what they pay for.

If you want any more information about these shout out packages, just contact us

7. The power of hashtags and the proper way to use


When it comes to hashtags on Instagram, there’s a lot of different opinions. Some hate them and some like them a bit too much. Still using hashtags can be a very powerful tool to promote your business and get your name out there for the world to discover. IF you use them the right way that is. For example: Did you know the usage of hashtags improves your engagement by at least 12,6%? 

To guide you within this process we’ve lined up some tips & tricks about the usage of hashtags. 

1. Get most out your hashtags

The advantage of popular hashtags is that they are the most filtered hashtags (i.e. people filter their view on Instagram based on the hashtag).

The disadvantage is that so many people use them that it’s harder to get attention.  So, mix it up a bit – popular with not-so-popular! Try to reach the top 9 popular posts with at least half of your hashtags.

We used the following formula to get where we are today.

Likes per post

Hashtag Reach

0 - 100

30.000 – 150.000

100 - 500

150.000 – 300.000

500 - 1000

300.000 – 500.000


500.000 – 5.000.000

2. Research your competitors

Which hashtags are your competitors using? By working this out, you can establish the topics your competitors are focusing on. You may need to start using some of these hashtags or sharing similar content!

3. Create a branded hashtag

You should create at least one branded hashtag.

For example, use your company name as part of the hashtag or come up with a term that refers to your brand.

For example, ours is


Now we know the ins and outs of hashtags. How can we use this power to go viral?!

We will discuss this in the next chapter. 

8. How to reach the explore page and make your post

go viral

So now you know the basics. You know what pictures to post, how to connect with your audience and how to automate your activity. There’s only 1 thing that still escapes you – The explore page. It’s like the front page of Instagram. In my opinion, getting your picture there gets you, by far the most real, active followers within a short amount of time. It’s where the best content of the community goes. The most popular and trending video’s and pictures are seen here. It goes without saying that getting your content up here will benefit your page in more ways than one. The reach your page will get is huge! “Formerly, you could hit the popular page with a certain type of image that got the right levels of engagement over the course of a certain timeframe

“But Instagram’s seemingly figured out the reposting trick,” he continues. “And the popular page doesn’t act like it used to. It’s now more of an “explore” page that shows

you photos it thinks you’d want to see from the pools of people you engage with the most and the photos they post or engage with.”

So how does it work? How can you improve the chances of getting seen and featured on the explore page? How can you ensure your brand’s content winds up being shared with Instagram’s wider audience, as opposed to your small circle of followers? Just what is it that makes Instagram decide something is ‘popular’?

To be honest, we’ve been doing research for quite a long time and failed many, many times. After trying many different methods, we finally found a few things that really work and got our page up there more than 1 time which made it go viral. For you to do the same, we’ve listed some of the tricks used below. 

1. Post awesome content

Of course, tricks and shortcuts aside, the best way to get your images onto Instagram’s Search & Explore is to just take awesome photos. Figure out what it is your target market enjoys – what sort of images do they typically love seeing? Focus on providing them with those types of photos. Watch your competitor’s photo’s and videos. See what went viral for them and try it on your own. By knowing what content your community is sharing and which of your posts create the most engagement, you can begin to predict and replicate the success of your posts. Each of your posts should match the themes that your community shares with while still following the patterns you identified which create the most engagement. It’s difficult to be featured on the Explore Tab without good content to be featured. Along with the photo itself, include thoughtful captions with targeted hashtags to these posts to help spread their reach. Bonus: Check your explore page regularly to see what’s trending. Post this. Instagram is more likely to let your post make the explore page when it’s already trending in the explore page. 

2. Get likes from big accounts within the first 30 minutes

This is one of the most, if not the most important factor in reaching the explore page. This is the reason I’ve finally been able to reach the explore page multiple times within a short amount of time. and.. This is what happened.