How to turn off Seen Instagram DM ?

Instagram Dm is important to ensure that the message sent is not read.

A message notification displayed can be a distressing situation for most people. But with a few small movements, it is possible to read a message on Instagram DM without it being understood that it has been read. There are methods for all operating systems namely Android and iOS.

The process to shut down DM sightings on Instagram is also the simplest.

That's disconnecting from the internet. When you receive a message on Instagram, turn off your mobile phone's mobile data and Wi-Fi or turn on Airplane Mode to avoid any connection. This tactic works, but it's not perfect.

Disconnecting your Internet connection means that new messages that will come will not be read, as this will cause the application to not be installed.

In addition, the icon that was seen in the same way will appear when the connection is re-established.

Instagram DM was shutdown

How to close Instagram DM

The other option is to use a notification collection application. However, this only works on Android devices.

First, The Unseen app must be downloaded in the Play Store.

When you open the app for the first time, you must click “Next”until you reach a menu with social networks.

From this menu, select which networks the profile to hide is asked to access.

The application will then ask for permission to access your notifications. Permission must be enabled.

This allows you to receive two notifications when you receive a message. One of them is from the unseen and the other is from the original application.

Clicking on the” hidden " warning will redirect you to the home page of the application, where there will be unread messages. Opening a conversation through confidential does not show others that you have already viewed that message.

It's noteworthy that unseen needs direct notifications to be able to read your new posts on Instagram.

No Need To Reply To Every Message

According to etiquette, a message written needs to be answered, and a notice of sight on Instagram can sometimes become annoying.

It is not clear whether the post has been read or not. In this way, the need to respond to every message sent is also eliminated.

Although there is a certain program for this to be done, it is not possible to do this with the program at the moment, especially on phones with the iOs operating system. Therefore, it is necessary to disable Wi-Fi or mobile internet. An incoming message can be read when there is no Internet connection, but the read message does not go to the sender of the message.