Instagram Location Feature Not Working Properly?

1 Can Instagram Fix The Problem You're Not Getting Out Of?

2 How To Add Instagram Locations?

3 How to add locations to Instagram with Google Maps?

The problem of not being on Instagram can be due to several different reasons. Before you can add locations or cities to Instagram Stories, this feature must first be opened to your account. For this, it is also important that your Instagram app is up to date. Instagram generally updates its app by itself, meaning the app on your phone is up to date. But apps can't update themselves if you change some things in the settings. For an issue where Instagram doesn't come out, you need to do your update checks.

Can Instagram Fix The Problem Of Location Not Coming Out?

Here's what to do for the Instagram location problem:

First, you must uninstall the Instagram app on your phone and download the current new version.Sometimes it can also work to turn the phone on and off. Because apps can sometimes give errors, and this problem can occur if you have not turned your phone off and on for too long.When adding locations to stories, you should make sure that your phone's location feature is turned October. Because if your phone can't get its location, you can't add a location in any way.When sharing stories on Instagram, make sure that you have an internet connection and that your phone's location feature is turned on. If everything is complete and the location feature is still not enabled while you are sharing a story, then try logging in from another phone with your own account and sharing a story. If the location feature is enabled on a different device, then there may be a problem with your phone.

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How To Add Instagram Locations?

Here's what to do to add a location to your Instagram share:

If you want to post a share, you can add the location of your location via the “October Location” tab on the page where you have made the necessary adjustments to your photo.If your photo is selected from the gallery and you are no longer there, you can decipher the location of the photo through the search engine. This adds a location to your share.To add a location to the Story, the “location” button is also included in the section where you add gif emoji. You can click the button and perform the necessary location settings.

In some cases you may encounter an issue where Instagram doesn't quit. After you exit the app and turn off your internet, you can try again.

How to add locations to Instagram with Google Maps?

Here's what to do to add a location to Instagram via Google Maps:

First, you need to have a Gmail address.You must log in to your Google account with your Gmail address, which you have just opened or previously had.After the login process is successful, open the Google Maps map using the tab named MAPS.Enter the place you want to save as an address in the search Dec. After finding the location, select it and save it in Google Maps as a location by creating registration information for this address you have specified.Once recorded as a location, this location can be found over all GPs. This process can be lengthy in some cases. So the user has to wait a while before they can add a location to Instagram.After you have successfully added the desired location to Google Maps, log in to your account via your Instagram app.Activate the “Add to map” feature from the section that appears to the photo you want to add to Instagram, after making the desired adjustments, click on the next icon October at the top.After you open the Add to map option, tap “Location name” and select the location you previously selected as a location via Google Maps, Enter the name you saved in Google Maps and complete the installation process.

With this alternative method, the problem of Instagram location does not come out can be solved as soon as possible.