LEARN HOW TO Report an Instagram Account?

The Instagram account reporting process is definitely simple, but for those who are new to this social media, reporting an account can sometimes seem complicated.

As it is understood, Instagram is an incredible platform with many users. It has become a social platform.

It is a known fact that there are profiles on this social platform where their posts are not liked, sometimes inappropriate comments are noticed, and sometimes there are profiles that make insulting posts about certain people.

Even though the service obviously states that such content is considered irrelevant and may suspend the user's account, some always include loopholes and find ways to spread the content again.

In this case, the post or profile may need to be reported to Instagram. In order to do that, it's necessary to know how to make an account complaint.

Report Instagram Account

Report Instagram Account for Inappropriate Content?

If there is a picture you think is inappropriate, or when you discover an inappropriate comment, visit the account and scroll down to it. Find the icon with three dots in the lower right corner.

Clicking the icon brings up a menu of options. Choose the “Report inappropriate content” option.

A new screen is presented. In it, you can choose what type of inappropriate content that symbol refers to. The first option is “I don't like this photo.”

When you click the “I don't like this photo” option, you will be directed to a page that will prompt you to block that person's profile.

The second option is “This photo is spam or fraudulent”, which automatically reports the photo to the Instagram complaint investigation team.

“This photo puts people at risk” is the third option available. Use it to report photos depicting self-harm, online stalking (cyberbullying), or drug use.

By selecting this, you can specify the type of content you want to report to Instagram.

Finally, in cases of nudity, pornography, copyright infringement, or hate speech, the option “This photo should not be on Instagram” should be used.

When choosing the latter, the user is presented with a list to specify which type of complaint they are referring to.

Is There a Copyright Infringement?

In case of a copyright infringement complaint, the user will be sent to the following screen, not the form.

To access it, scroll down and look for the "Report infringement" option. Here you can choose two options and then be redirected to a form.

Ultimately, the reason for Instagram account reporting is to report the user profile for profiles whose photos are mostly inappropriate.

To do this, simply access the profile and look for the icon in the upper right corner of the application.