The Complete Guide to Messaging Apps

The Complete Guide to Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps are in all places. We take a look at their historical past, the place they’re headed and why they could be the next large bend within the...A Snappy Historical Past of MessagingMessenger Apps Take Over the WorldThe Way Forward For Messaging AppsFacebook Is Going All InThe Advertising Advantages of Messaging AppsFinal Emotions

Grab your telephone and take a look at the monitor.

Now, depend what number of messaging apps you currently have on your phone. the possibilities are very good you have got no less than one and as many as five or six.

can you say the same for any other type of app?

Do you might have 5 myth soccer apps? 3 tune gamers? Four symbol editors?

It goes to turn you simply how vital messaging apps became in our day-to-day lives. And, while you take under consideration the potential of the most recent development in messaging — chatbots — there’s for sure you’re going to be seeing a lot extra of them in your day.

in this publish, we’re going to take a handy guide a rough jaunt throughout the historical past of messenger apps. Then, we’ll see where they're going next, what the big names are doing concerning the growth of messaging, and why these apps are looking to combine with synthetic intelligence (AI), especially by way of voice activation, in the close to long run.

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But first, able to take a trip down reminiscence lane?

A Handy Guide A Rough History of Messaging

I remember that my first encounter with a messaging app again within the mid to overdue ’90s. an excellent family member of mine labored at AOL and he sent me an e mail with a link to download a chat tool. a pair of mins later i used to be speaking to him by means of my LAPTOP. Amazing!!

This used to be PURPOSE, then referred to as AOL Instant Messenger. It was followed by means of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger in a while thereafter.

despite the fact that technically, messaging have been round for a while, on the time it felt reasonably revolutionary. that you must chat with someone each time no matter where they were within the global. Messaging used to be so common, a 2004 Pew take a look at discovered that FIFTY THREE million Americans have been the usage of instant messengers on their house, school, and work computers.

As era advanced, so did messaging. And messaging wasn’t just for non-public use, either. Companies have additionally been able to get on those apps and support their verbal exchange channels, not just within the corporate but in addition with consumers and clients.

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Whilst the mid-2000s hit, the messaging choices exploded. Blackberry had their messenger carrier (BBM), Apple had offered iChat in 2002, Skype arrived in 2003, and Google Talk (aka GChat) in 2005.

and then came the social networks. It wasn’t Facebook who started the messenger revolution in 2008 with Fb Chat, it used to be if truth be told MySpace that was the first social network to add chat.

Some love to confer with this because the ‘first wave’ of chat era. It paved the way in which for the current messaging choices now we have nowadays. While Skype remains to be round, advancements have made Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and Snapchat just about computerized downloads on the general public’s cellular units around the world.

Now, messenger apps are increasing even further, including AI-influenced chatbots so much of which have been designed for private use. However brands are actually leaping into them as a result of they see the possible for working with consumers.

So it’s not completely sudden that a coming ‘wave’ goes to deal with AI. the article to keep in thoughts is that this isn’t one thing that’s simply taking grasp. Integrating synthetic intelligence has been something tech giants have wanted to do for many years.

From Larry Page in 2000:

“Synthetic intelligence can be the ultimate version of Google. without equal search engine that would be aware everything at the Web. it might take note exactly what you sought after, and it will give you the proper factor.

It’s clear that messaging, voice-activation, and chatbots are important portions of the path to wisdom availability that many of the tech companies are striving for.

Messenger Apps Take Over The Sector

So That brings us to lately. The Place messenger apps are completely exploding.

Messenger Apps Usage Chart


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This chart from Statista highlights the per month customers of a host of various messaging systems with all over the world popularity (Notice: It doesn’t come with some messaging apps which are common on the trade side like HipChat, Slack, and Google Hangouts).

WhatsApp leads the way with over 1 billion per month users. Chinese powerhouses QQ and WeChat come in 3rd and fourth, respectively.

a up to date take a look at by way of TNS found that 55% of the population of the planet (you learn that proper) use a messenger app each day. Simply focus on Asia and the numbers grow much more, with 69% of users in China, and 73% in Hong Kong the use of them daily.

Additionally worth noting is that as of the center of 2015, the ‘massive FOUR’ messaging apps now surpass the biggest social networks in per month lively users. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that mobile apps have gotten extra popular, in view that in keeping with comScore, mobile utilization surpassed desktop round 2014.

ComScore Mobile Usage Chart


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As other people get started the use of their cellular units for everything, messaging turns into much more necessary.

The Future Of Messaging Apps

For the potential way forward for the whole lot a messaging app may well be, glance no additional than WeChat and Snapchat.


With over 700 million users who most often use it a minimal of 10 occasions an afternoon, WeChat is thought of as via many to be the ‘the whole lot app.’

WeChat Timeline


It’s not simply a messenger app. Customers can take out microloans, ship buddies money, purchase from over 10 million merchants, play games, broadcast photographs like an Instagram account, order dinner, or even play the lottery, simply to name a few.

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Customers love it because they are able to get nearly the whole thing they want to do in both their personal and professional lives done with one app.

this is the root of the way forward for messaging.


The Other massive messenger app that may be making waves in the US is Snapchat. As of September 2016, Snapchat had over 150 million daily active users. not just that, but customers spend roughly half-hour in keeping with day on the app, with 60% of customers spending their time creating new content.

The Ones are mind-blowing numbers, and it’s no marvel Fb was once eager to buy in with their $3 billion offer. at the moment, Snapchat is worth roughly $20-25 billion bucks.

Snap, Inc. has been capable of excel in creating a creative and ever evolving messenger app where a lot of different brands have failed. Now, users can not only send images but also use filters, geotagging, and send money to pals by means of Snapcash.

And with the recent release of Spectacles, Snap, Inc. looks as if it’s the logo to conquer wearable glasses where Google failed, bringing yet another level to the messaging enjoy.

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Facebook Is Going All In

We Can already see Facebook trying to do one thing equivalent with its messaging app. Note that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in early 2014. and they attempted to buy Snapchat in late 2013 for a rumored $THREE billion in money.

at this time, Facebook is looking to grasp the formative years market.

the reason for that is because more youthful users (the 13-24 crowd) are far more into messaging apps than social media or social networking websites. It’s one among the principle factors behind why those apps are seeing such expansion.

in reality, the rage strains are showing that messaging apps now grow quicker than social networks, as you can see in the symbol from Trade Insider:

Message Apps vs Social Network growth chart


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at this time, and into the longer term, Fb is trying to turn Messenger right into a complete platform. Users are already able to make the most of Messenger from each inside Facebook and via the app. Plus, they may be able to send pictures, video, voice notes, recordsdata, and even cash over Messenger as well.

in fact, consumers aren’t the only folks Facebook is seeking to objective. they're also going after manufacturers with chatbots.


Chatbots are one space the place messenger apps and artificial intelligence are starting to come in combination. A chatbot is a tool that shall we brands engage over chat with shoppers.

presently, Fb claims they have about 33,000 chatbots operating inside Messenger. Messenger users can get a chatbot to do everything from inquiring for a weather report to call an Uber to order a Pizza. (you'll be able to see a list of approximately FORTY here).

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Beginning To sound a bit of like WeChat, isn’t it?

the big draw for manufacturers is the power to supply training and customer support to consumers via chatbots. Those bots can act as a entrance line customer service consultant to consumers who need a easy question answered or a problem solved and don’t need to e-mail or spend time on the phone.

This ties into what consumers want — extra personalized provider and some way to glue over messaging versus the telephone.

The Marketing Advantages of Messaging Apps

We’ve observed that customers, especially more youthful users of messaging apps, are all in whilst it involves the product. Now, we’re also seeing how dealers are looking to reach the ones customers via messaging beyond offering customer service.

At The Same Time As textual content messaging (additionally known as SMS) was thought to be a potential hotspot for agents, textual content messaging is definitely in decline round the sector. The numbers observe pretty well with the upward push of chat and messaging apps, which seem like they are right here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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As customers continue to be extra and extra connected to their telephones, there are a number of advantages dealers can see from together with messaging apps as part of their overall business plan.

Target Audience Segmentation

With messenger apps, agents can pull in an incredible quantity of data to phase their customers in place of showing the same sponsored content or ads to all.

Kik is one messaging app that uses big data to break their users down through demographics like age, gender, and placement. They then promote their sponsored content based on that information. The Usage Of this system of focused on segmented users turns out to be running, as Kik reported: “SIXTEEN million consumers have swapped 500 million messages via sponsored bots.”

Logo Backed Content

Yup, even chatbots may have ads. In Advance in 2016, Fb launched subsidized messaging and click on to message trials to see how users spoke back to them. The goal is to engage with the advert then have the chatbot engage with the user lightly pushing them against the sale.

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Snapchat takes a distinct method taking into consideration backed or branded tales and lenses. For the 2016 Superbowl, Gatorade used a backed lens that mimicked a bucket of the drink being poured over users. This lens used to be used 165 million instances in only two days.

Upper Engagement

Consumers are so used to being bombarded with ads that it takes one thing unique for them to interact. Manufacturers can use that to their advantage through providing more content that is non-public and geared against increasing interaction.

Manufacturers like Sephora and H&M were able to use chatbots by the use of Kik and see 70% to 90% of customers who chat with these bots whole quizzes. Sephora has also given chatters “Kik Issues” that they can use to bid on special samples.

Ultimate Thoughts

As of now, the future of messaging apps and AI appears extraordinarily vivid, particularly for marketers. We’ll see if Facebook is in a position to continue its path of worldwide domination and find a way to create a messenger used all over the world that eventually becomes attached to an AI assistant to boot. up to now, apparently that they’re on the proper track.

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We’re entering a brand new era of messaging, and it'll be fascinating to see which manufacturers come out on best as the ones prepared to evolve quickly to the brand new possible in the market. It might be pretty fun to peer the new channels that emerge from these technologies.

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