Twitter Accidentally Reveals Personal Tweets of Android Customers
A Twitter computer virus has averted the “Protect Your Tweets” setting from working as intended for some Android users.

A Twitter bug has avoided the “Give Protection To Your Tweets” surroundings from working as supposed for some Android customers.

what is particularly amazing about this malicious program is that it has been impacting customers over a length of a couple of years.

the company disclosed that the worm began affecting customers on November THREE, 2014. It wasn’t mounted till January 14, 2019.

We’ve change into conscious about and fixed an issue the place the “Protect your Tweets” surroundings was disabled on Twitter for Android. The Ones affected were alerted and we’ve turned the surroundings again on for them. More here:

— Twitter Toughen (@TwitterSupport) January 17, 2019

In Keeping With Twitter’s statement, the “Give Protection To your Tweets” surroundings was once disabled for a few Android users if positive account changes had been made, corresponding to changing the e-mail cope with related to the account.

The bug did not people who use Twitter on iOS or at the web.

Twitter has informed people that are recognized to be suffering from the worm. The “Protect your Tweets” environment was once automatically became again on for them if it was once disabled.

Alternatively, Twitter notes, it cannot ensure each and every account that may have been impacted. that's why it’s publicly disclosing the issue.

should you are an Android person who would possibly were impacted by way of this computer virus, Twitter suggests reviewing your privacy settings to test whether or now not your tweets are protected.

the corporate assures users that measures are being put in place to prevent the same incident from happening.

“We acknowledge and delight in the accept as true with you put in us, and are devoted to incomes that accept as true with every day. We’re very sorry this came about and we’re carrying out a whole review to help save you this from happening once more.”

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if you have further questions or issues, Twitter has unfolded an information coverage inquiry form here.