Auto Wi-Fi On/Off for Leaving Home and Returning (IPHONE)

Ever found yourself depleting your mobile data because you forgot to turn your Wi-Fi back on after coming home? Or perhaps you're concerned about automatically connecting to unsafe public Wi-Fi networks when you're out and about. Let's solve these issues by automating your Wi-Fi to turn on when you get home and off as you leave. Follow these steps to set it up:

Creating a Wi-Fi Automation Shortcut

Access Shortcuts on Your Phone: Start by opening the shortcuts menu on your phone. This feature allows you to automate tasks and improve your phone's functionality.

Accessing shortcuts

Create a New Shortcut: Tap the plus (+) sign to begin creating a new automation. This will be the foundation for our Wi-Fi management.

Creating new shortcut

Add an Action: Select 'Add Action' to specify what this shortcut will accomplish. This is where we'll define the Wi-Fi settings.

Adding an action

Search for Wi-Fi: In the search bar, type 'Wi-Fi' and then select 'Set Wi-Fi' from the options that appear. This action enables you to control your Wi-Fi settings through the shortcut.

Searching for Wi-Fi

Configure Wi-Fi to Turn On: Make sure the action is set to 'Turn Wi-Fi On'. This ensures that your Wi-Fi will automatically enable itself.

Configuring Wi-Fi to turn on

Complete the Shortcut: Tap 'Done' to finish setting up the Wi-Fi enabling shortcut.

Completing the shortcut setup

Setting Up Location-Based Automation

Navigate to Automations: In the shortcuts menu, find and select the 'Automations' tab at the bottom. This is where we'll link our Wi-Fi action to our location.

Navigating to automations

Create a New Automation: Tap on 'New Automation' to start crafting a rule that triggers based on your location.

Creating new automation

Choose Arrival as Trigger: Select the 'Arrive' option to make the automation activate when you reach a specific location, such as your home.

Choosing arrival as trigger

Set Your Location: Pick your home location by either entering your address or using your current location as the trigger point.

Setting location

Link to Your Wi-Fi Shortcut: Now, link this automation to the Wi-Fi shortcut you created earlier. This makes your Wi-Fi turn on automatically when you arrive home.

Linking to Wi-Fi shortcut

Automating Wi-Fi to Turn Off

To have your Wi-Fi turn off automatically when you leave home, simply repeat the steps above but with two key differences:

  • In step 9, choose 'Leave' instead of 'Arrive'.
  • In step 5, set the action to 'Turn Wi-Fi Off' instead of 'Turn Wi-Fi On'.

By following these steps, you'll have a smart system in place that manages your Wi-Fi connection based on your location, saving you data and ensuring you're only connected to secure networks when needed.

Remember to replace the placeholders with actual images of each step to make the guide visually easy to follow.