Effortless iPhone Video Browsing: Hands-Free, No Touch Needed

Introduction to Hands-Free iPhone Usage

Learn how to navigate your iPhone and watch videos without touching the screen, ideal for times when your hands are otherwise occupied.

Setting Up Voice Control for Video Navigation

Follow these steps to set up voice control on your iPhone:

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone. Settings App
  2. Scroll to find and tap Accessibility. Accessibility Option
  3. Select Voice Control and turn it on. Voice Control Activation
  4. Within Voice Control settings, go to Commands. Voice Control Commands
  5. Select Create New Command. Create New Command
  6. Choose Run Custom Gesture. Run Custom Gesture
  7. Enter 'Next' as the command, then select Action. Next Command Action
  8. Perform an upward swipe gesture and tap Save. Save Gesture

This setup allows you to navigate through videos on apps like TikTok or YouTube using simple voice commands.

Hands-Free Video Browsing in Action

Now that you've set up the voice commands, your iPhone is ready for a seamless hands-free video browsing experience. Whether you're watching YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok videos, simply say "Next" and your iPhone will automatically move to the next video without any need for physical interaction. This feature is particularly useful when your hands are busy, allowing you to enjoy continuous video content effortlessly.

Embrace the convenience of hands-free control on your iPhone, enhancing your multitasking abilities and overall experience. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make the most out of your iPhone.