Fixing iPhone Screen Dimming Issue During Gaming or Outdoor Use

How to Stop Your iPhone Screen from Dimming During Gaming or Outdoor Activities

Experiencing screen dimming on your iPhone during gaming sessions or outdoor activities can be inconvenient. This guide will show you how to fix this issue by adjusting a specific setting related to your device's attention aware features.

Step 1: Accessing Your iPhone's Settings

Begin by opening the 'Settings' app on your iPhone. This is where you can adjust various features and preferences on your device.

Accessing iPhone Settings

Step 2: Navigating to Face ID & Passcode

In the 'Settings' menu, scroll to find and select the 'Face ID & Passcode' option. You may be prompted to enter your passcode.

Face ID & Passcode Settings

Step 3: Disabling Attention Aware Features

Within the 'Face ID & Passcode' settings, scroll down to locate the 'Attention Aware Features'. Disable this option to prevent your iPhone's screen from automatically dimming based on your attention.

Disabling Attention Awareness Features

Step 4: Saving the Changes

After you've disabled the 'Attention Aware Features', make sure to save your changes if required. Your screen should now maintain its brightness level during gaming and outdoor use.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Keep in mind that while disabling 'Attention Aware Features' solves the dimming issue, it also means that your iPhone won't automatically adjust the display based on your attention. If you prefer these automatic adjustments, remember to re-enable the feature later.

Navigating your iPhone settings to optimize your user experience can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the device, particularly for intensive activities like gaming or when you're out and about.