How to Add Music to an Instagram Story?

1 add music to Story step by step on Instagram

2 choose popular song for stories on Instagram

3 increase your Instagram follower, highlight your stories

The popular social media platform Instagram is constantly coming up with new features, and many people can share photos and videos, as well as stories, thanks to Instagram's great features. Instagram stories are versatile and more full than before, with new features included. This is because of options such as adding a link to a story or adding music to an Instagram story. When we give a photo or video that we want to share with the background of music in the stories, we can make a much different, ambitious share. Instagram stories are much better than before, thanks to music that contains the message we want to give, giving the story a different form. So how is it possible to add music to a story on Instagram?

Adding music to the story step by step on Instagram

A feature called Instagram Music or Instagram Music has been in use for a long time, however, it took time for the ability to add music to Turkey. It is now possible to share a musical story on Instagram, which many users have been waiting for. If you think it's hard to add music to your story on Instagram, you're wrong. You can easily add music to your Instagram story by following the steps below:

First, whether you use Android or iPhone, the first thing you need to do is download the app. It is important that the version of the application is up to date, so check the version.Then tap the round Section at the top left of the homepage to create a new story.Prepare your Instagram story, as you know, you can create a story from photo or video content. After creating the story, you will see the stickers at the top, the music sticker will appear in the stickers section.In this section, just select which music you want to add to your story. When you add music to Instagram stories, you can also choose how the music icon will look, you can choose its size. The Instagram Music feature can be personalized and used as you wish.

Choosing popular songs for stories on Instagram

As you can see, adding music to Instagram Stories is extremely simple. After creating a new story on Instagram, you can do this by selecting music through the tags we manage all the other customization steps. But there may be things you wonder about October when adding music to Instagram, for example, how to find popular songs in the process of adding music to Instagram Stories? You must see on Instagram that sometimes a lot of people add popular songs to their story.

Essentially, Instagram offers two decks to the music search section. If you're looking for a song by a particular singer, you can type it in the search box.Dec. On the other hand, if you're going to choose from popular songs, Instagram also shares the most used songs in the app. You can create a very high-quality story on Instagram with options such as Turkish or foreign pop songs or rap songs. Another thing to know about Instagram Stories is to choose the length of the song or what part of the story it can start with.

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