How to Upload High-Quality Videos to Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Issue with Instagram Video Quality

Struggling with low-quality video uploads on Instagram? You're not alone. Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments in the app's settings, you can significantly improve the quality of your videos on both Stories and Reels.

Improving Instagram Story Video Quality

Follow these steps to enhance the video quality of your Instagram Stories:

  1. Tap the three lines in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Accessing Settings Menu
  2. Go to 'Settings and Privacy'. Settings and Privacy
  3. Select 'Media Quality'. Media Quality
  4. Under 'Data Usage', enable the 'Upload at Highest Quality' option. Upload at Highest Quality Setting

Enhancing Instagram Reels Video Quality

To ensure your Instagram Reels are of the highest quality, follow these additional steps:

  1. After uploading your video, tap 'Next'. Uploading Video for Reel
  2. Scroll down to 'Advanced Settings' at the bottom. Reels Advanced Settings
  3. In the Advanced Settings, enable the 'Media Quality' option. Reels Media Quality Option

By adjusting these settings, you ensure that both your Stories and Reels are uploaded in the best possible quality, giving your Instagram content a professional and polished look.