10 of The Most Effective Ad Campaigns in 2016

Warc recently released the rankings of the world's most effective ad campaigns in 2016. Warc is an online service offering advertising best practice, evidence, and insights from the world's leading brands.

The Warc 100 aims to track and rank the world's smartest campaigns, and the companies behind them. They tracked over 2,000 individual award winners in 79 different effectiveness and strategy awards schemes held around the world. All competitions tracked are based on case studies. The annual rankings are based on the winners of effectiveness and strategy awards from around the world.

Here are the Top 10 Best Marketing Campaigns for 2016:

  1. I Will What I Want, Under Armour from USA
  2. Kan Khajura Tesan, Hindustan from India
  3. Share A Coke, Coca-Cola's Global Campaign
  4. This is Wholesome, Honeymade from USA
  5. If We Made It, Newcastle Brown Ale from USA
  6. Live Test Series, Volvo from Sweden
  7. Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables, Intermarche from France
  8. Project Architeuthis, America's Navy from USA
  9. #LikeAGirl, Always' Global campaign
  10. Penny the Pirate, OPSM from Australia

All the campaigns mentioned above are big brands with huge advertising budgets. For small-time players, here are some lessons you can learn from to build your own effective advertising campaigns:

Know Your Goals

You should be able to answer these questions:

  • Where are you at now? What is your current state as a brand, and your current market standing?
  • Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase sales? Improve brand equity? Open a new market segment?
  • How will you go there?

Know Your Target Market

Always #LikeAGirl campaign shows how well they know their target market. Young girls at puberty stage, who are tech-savvy, who can achieve their dreams. They have very clearly depicted this in the campaign by personifying their target market – making use of mobile phones and emojis, while at the same time empowering them to reach for their dreams.

Craft Your Message Clearly

The Penny The Pirate Campaign of OPSM shows a clear message of what the brand offers – OPSM has eyes, come visit us. It aims to raise awareness of children’s eye health and improve their vision. OPSM released the world’s first free children’s book and app. It also displays how a digital campaign can lead to drive offline sales in retail outlets. It’s a very innovative campaign with a clear message and a clear goal.

Choose Your Channel Well

The channel where you send your brand message is as important as the message itself. You should be where your target market is. Project Architeuthis knows their target well enough to know where to find them. The US Navy has created a code-breaking, top-secret puzzle for their target to solve. They have micro-targeted the cryptology-loving millennials segment, who have solved the puzzle on their own or sought help by creating community groups and forums to solve the puzzle.

In Conclusion

Nobody knows your brand as well as you do. Make sure you create concrete goals, with clear messages sent directly to a well-defined target market through a highly-effective medium.