10 Thoughts-Blowing Stats Approximately Social Media Utilization

Curious about who uses social media the most, what they shop for, and why they engage with brands on social platforms? You're in luck! Here are 10 new and unexpected stats from Nielsen's 2016 Social Media Report:

  1. Gender Difference: Women spend more time on social media than men. On average, women spend 6 hours and 33 minutes per week on social networks, while men spend 4 hours and 23 minutes.
  2. Ethnic Groups: African-American adults lead in social media usage when combining smartphone, tablet, and PC usage (39.4 million users). However, Hispanic adults are the largest consumers of social media on smartphones (30 million users).
  3. Age Matters: Gen X (ages 35-49) spend the most time on social media, averaging 6 hours and 58 minutes per week. Millennials (ages 18-34) follow closely, spending 6 hours and 19 minutes per week on social networks.
  4. Online Shopping: 41% of users who spend 2 hours or less on social media made at least $500 in online purchases over the past year, compared to 38% of users who spend at least 3 hours per day.
  5. E-Commerce: Over three-quarters of U.S. social media users made an online purchase in the last year, while only 46% of non-social media users did the same.
  6. Travel Reservations: In the last year, 30% of users who spent less than 1 hour per day on social media shopped for travel reservations like hotel rooms or car rentals, with 26% making a purchase.
  7. Movie Tickets: 27% of users who used social media for 1 to 2 hours per day shopped for movie tickets, and 19% of them made online purchases.
  8. Mobile Apps: 28% of users who spent 3 or more hours per day on social networks shopped for mobile apps, and 19% of them made a purchase.
  9. Information and Discounts: About 37% of all users use social media to discover products and services, while approximately 32% use it to receive exclusive offers, coupons, or discounts from brands.
  10. Brand Engagement: Nearly 30% of users who spend at least 3 hours per day on social media find engaging with their favorite businesses or brands very or moderately important.