Achieve More Folks on Facebook

Facebook announced member surveys to understand preferences for videos and photos, leading to updates in algorithms that affect post reach. Here's how to **enhance visibility** and reach more people on Facebook.

News Feed Updates from Facebook

Facebook's announcement on August 5, 2019, indicated a shift towards connecting users with posts they care about by extending surveys to images and videos.

Boosting Reach through User Engagement

Anecdotal evidence shows that engagement can resurrect old posts, significantly **increasing visibility** among friends and their networks, demonstrating the power of active interaction.

Strategies for Enhanced Interaction

Facebook prioritizes posts in news feeds based on likes, comments, and history of engagement with the page or group, indicating the importance of fostering community interaction to **boost post reach**.

Encouraging Active Participation

Creating posts that initiate discussions and asking for opinions can draw users out of "lurk mode," **increasing engagement** and fostering a vibrant community around your page or group.

Avoid Engagement Bait Tactics

Be cautious of engagement-bait techniques, as Facebook's algorithms can penalize such practices, **reducing post reach**. Avoid explicitly soliciting likes or shares to maintain organic engagement.

Conclusion: Fostering Meaningful Connections

Facebook's algorithm evolution towards meaningful content highlights the necessity of putting fans first. Engaging genuinely with your audience and sparking **real conversations** are key to increasing reach on the platform.

Learn more about Facebook's news feed algorithm and avoiding engagement spam to effectively reach and engage more users on your page or group.