Exploring iPhone's Live Listen: A Tool for Discreet Audio Monitoring

Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Live Listen on iPhone

Follow these steps to use your iPhone's Live Listen feature for remote audio monitoring:

  1. Access the Settings app on your iPhone. Accessing Settings App
  2. Go to 'Control Center' within Settings. Control Center Settings
  3. Move the 'Hearing' control to the top section. Adding Hearing Control
  4. Close Settings, open the Control Center, and tap the ear icon to activate Live Listen. Control Center Ear Icon
  5. With earphones connected, enable 'Live Listen'. Enabling Live Listen

Now, you can hear sounds from your iPhone's microphone through your earphones, even when in a different room.

Important Considerations and Compatibility

Remember, Live Listen works best with original AirPods. If you're using non-original earphones, the Live Listen icon might not be active.

Non-original AirPods Live Listen

Utilize the Live Listen feature on your iPhone for discreet audio monitoring, making it a powerful tool for hearing conversations remotely.