FIVE How You Can Steer Clear Of Instagram Limits

Instagram places certain limitations on users' daily activities. These limits encompass hashtags, comments, follows, Direct Messages, and sharing. Instagram's daily restrictions aim to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all users. However, there are ways to navigate these limitations effectively. Here are FIVE strategies to work within Instagram's limits

Understanding Instagram Limits

Instagram has set specific restrictions within the platform. One of these limitations is the hashtag limit, allowing users to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per day. It's important to note that exceeding this limit may result in your post not displaying under some hashtags.

Another restriction is the daily follow limit, capped at 7500 follow requests. Once this limit is reached, you cannot send additional follow requests. However, you can retract follow requests from some users to free up slots for new requests. As for Direct Messages (DMs), Instagram allows sending 35-50 messages per day.

There are no sharing restrictions on Instagram, but individual videos should not exceed 60 seconds in length. Additionally, you can't share more than 10 photos and videos simultaneously.

Strategies to Avoid Instagram Limits

If you want to stay within Instagram's boundaries, consider using automation tools for sharing. These tools allow you to manage multiple accounts without encountering limitations.

For users with multiple Instagram accounts, you can create secondary accounts with links to your main profile and bio. This redirects traffic to your primary page.

Another approach is to utilize a single, well-established account. Older accounts with a clean track record may have higher daily transaction limits.

Temporary inactivity and account freezing can also help you avoid penalties when you approach your limits.

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