Fixes for Twitter Videos Not Playing

When faced with a Twitter media failure, calls are being made about how to resolve the problem. All videos uploaded to Twitter are automatically played while browsing social media. This is how the system was developed.

There may be several reasons why videos on Twitter don't play. There are also some actions that need to be done to eliminate them. The first thing to do is restart the device. The application or browser may also need to be updated.

Cookies should be cleared if Twitter videos cannot be played in Chrome or Firefox. It should also be tried with another device or scanner.

Disabling hardware acceleration is also an option.

Twitter Media Could Not Be Played

Twitter Media Could Not Play

There are things to do to solve the problem of not playing Twitter videos.

If videos cannot be played on Twitter, the Android device, iOS or computer must be restarted. So it can be checked whether the problem is solved. This is the first process that needs to be done to solve many problems, not just for videos that cannot be played.

The device must be turned off as it should be and then turned on again. If the Web browser encounters this problem, the page must be reloaded.

If Twitter videos cannot be played on mobile devices such as Android, iPhone or iPad, then see if the Twitter app has been updated. Users of Android devices are required to enter the Google Play app market. iOS users can update the app via the App Store. In addition, the problem can be eliminated by completely removing and reinstalling the application.

May Need To Update Twitter

If Twitter videos are not playing in your web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you can also check for an update for your browser. The Twitter media could not play problem may be caused by too much browsing data, Cookies, cached images, files and browsing history must be cleared to eliminate the problem.

Changing the device or scanner may also be a method.

Web browsers support MP4, and mobile supports MP4 and MOV video formats. If Twitter videos cannot be played on any of these devices, it is useful to change the browser.

At the same time, disabling hardware acceleration can also eliminate the problem. In addition, the firewall on the device may also be the main source of the problem of not playing media on Twitter. In this case, the firewall may need to be removed.