Getting an Instagram blue tick: the way to do it?

Securing a blue tick on social media, which signifies account verification, significantly boosts your account's credibility. This is particularly crucial for those who manage a themed or business account. Being verified places your account in a position of authority and trust in the eyes of your audience. But how does one go about obtaining a blue tick on Instagram, which is among the most popular social networks in the world?

In the past, Instagram used to selectively award blue ticks, but now, anyone can request verification. Securing a blue tick not only endorses your authenticity but also marks an essential milestone in your brand's journey. So, what are the steps to get verified and receive a blue tick on Instagram?

How to Get Verified on Instagram

The verification process on Instagram is straightforward if you have the necessary documents and information ready. To get started, simply log into Instagram and navigate to your profile. From there, access your settings and look for the "Request Verification" option. Complete the form with the required details and submit your request. Instagram will review your application and notify you about your verification status.

The Benefits of Instagram Verification

With over a billion users worldwide, having a verified account on Instagram comes with a distinct blue tick that symbolizes your verified status. This mark is not only displayed on your profile but also next to your name in Instagram stories, confirming your authenticity to followers. This enhances your visibility, increases your reach, and ensures your stories garner more views.

Categories such as news, media, sports, government, music, fashion, entertainment, and blogging/influencing can all benefit from verification. It assures your audience of your verified presence in every post on Instagram.

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