Google: Doing Away With Blog Comments Might Have An Effect On Seek Scores
Google’s John Mueller advises site owners that disposing of all comments from a web site might adversely impact seek rankings.

Google’s John Mueller advises site owners that taking away all comments from a website might adversely affect seek ratings.

Mueller provides this recommendation through the Google Search Critical WEB OPTIMIZATION hangout recorded on February FIVE.

A Matter is submitted via a website owner asking whether or not blog feedback are factored into Google’s seek scores. they would like to remove comments from their web site and ask if that may be done without shedding scores.

the quick answers are:

Sure, Google elements comments into the ranking of web sites. No, it’s not going comments may also be removed from a site with out impacting its scores.

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John Mueller on Removing Comments

Mueller doesn’t make any tips on casting off feedback or not. That’s up to each individual website online owner to make a decision.

In his response to the question, Mueller provides details that may help tell the decision of whether or not to move thru with putting off feedback.

webmasters need to be mindful that Google sees comments as part of the content. If a remark comprises information a searcher is calling for then it can assist a web page get surfaced in seek effects.

On The Other Hand, Mueller notes that Google is able to distinguish the remark segment from the primary content material, so comments up being treated in a different way.

There are instances where feedback will also be useful to pages in the event that they offer additional info past what's included in the primary content material. But that’s now not all the time the case, and often they offer little to no worth.

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Mueller suggests analyzing the queries resulting in pages on a website to estimate what the affect of deleting all comments might be.

you may find that knowledge in your pages’ comments is helping searchers with various queries. From there you'll determine the best motion to take on your web page.

“i believe it’s ultimately as much as you. From our aspect of view we do see feedback as a a part of the content material. We do additionally, in lots of circumstances, acknowledge that that is in fact the comment segment so we need to treat it somewhat differently. However ultimately if individuals are discovering your pages in line with the comments there then, if you delete those feedback, then obviously we wouldn’t be capable of in finding your pages according to that.

so that’s one thing where, relying at the type of comments that you have there, the volume of comments that you simply have, it can be the case that they supply important worth on your pages, and so they may also be a supply of additional info about your pages, but it’s not at all times the case.

in order that’s something the place i feel you need to have a look at the contents of your pages total, the queries which can be resulting in your pages, and think about which of those queries might leave if comments weren't on the ones pages anymore. And according to that you'll be able to attempt to determine what to do there.”

Mueller concludes his statement by means of reminding everyone that Google does not ignore feedback.

for those who decide to delete feedback it’s reasonable to expect no less than a few changes with regards to search ratings.

“It’s certainly not the case that we totally forget about all of the feedback on a domain. So just blindly going off and deleting all of your comments in the hope that nothing will modification – I don’t suppose that will occur.”

Pay Attention Mueller’s full response within the video below: