Google: Patents Are Not All The Time Used In Seek
Google’s John Mueller advises webmasters to bear in mind that now not everything the corporate patents is utilized in seek results.

Google’s John Mueller advises webmasters to take into accout that not the whole thing the corporate patents is used in search effects.

Mueller’s exact quote in this topic is as follows (extra context available in the next segment):

“However simply because it’s patented from Google, and maybe even from someone who works on search, doesn’t mean that we really use it in search.“

this is mentioned by way of Mueller during the Google Seek Important WEBSITE POSITIONING hangout recorded on February FIVE.

An SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING named Neeraj Pandey requested a question approximately symbol popularity and whether or not Google can remember what’s happening in a picture.

In response Mueller says although Google is in a position to doing something there’s no guarantee the generation is being used in search. That applies to era Google owns patents for besides.

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Listed Below Are the full details of Mueller’s reaction.

Google’s John Mueller on Patents

Google & Symbol Reputation

Addressing the unique question, Mueller says it’s possible Google can pull data from objects in a picture, but it most likely would not override different rating components.

It’s more something that would be used as a tie breaker. If more than one photographs have an identical ranking signals, image reputation could also be used to figure out which one is more relevant to the query.

On The Other Hand, Mueller is only hypothesizing, as he says he’s not sure whether symbol reputation is utilized in search ratings.

“It’s indubitably possible to a few extent to tug out some additional info from an image. which might be items within the image or what is taking place in the symbol. However I don’t recognize if that would override any of the opposite factors that we have there.

My understanding is this might be one thing that may be more at the side – if we've a couple of images that we think are equivalent, and we can clearly tell, one way or the other, that this one is extra related as it has the objects or the movements that somebody is in search of, then perhaps we would use that.

But I in truth don’t recognise what we’ve introduced in that house or what we’re in fact the use of for search there.”

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Google Patents & Search Scores

Mueller turns his answer towards other things which might be theoretically conceivable, equivalent to generation and different approaches that Google owns a patent for.

Not everything is smart for seek, Mueller says. While some patents do get utilized in seek results, the life of a patent shouldn't be taken as affirmation of what Google is using and not the use of.

“the thing to maintain in mind is there are a lot of different components which are theoretically conceivable that would be performed in client units. There are a variety of issues that are patented which might be in the market which can be theoretically conceivable.

However simply because it’s conceivable in a few cases doesn’t imply that it makes sense for seek. And we see that a lot with patents while it comes to seek where anyone will patent a really cool algorithm or setup which could have an implication for seek.

But just because it’s patented from Google, and perhaps even from anyone who works on seek, doesn’t mean that we really use it in seek.”

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