Google Seek Patent Replace – December 18, 2020
Google’s lately provided patents touch on fascinating subjects like wisdom panels, gadget studying, and extra. read about them here.Gadget Studying to identify Opinions in DocumentsPersonalization of Web Search Results The Usage Of Time Period, Category, and Link-Primarily Based Person ProfilesContextually Relevant Wisdom Panels in an Software Surroundings

Welcome back to a different week for the geeks.

The last few weeks had been slightly uneventful, however I did arise with a few that actually are value a read.

As at all times, patents take a while to get into, however the more of them you learn, the easier it gets.

So, please do take a while to click through and give them a full learn.

it will possibly most effective make you a greater SEO.

Also, my first submit of 2021 will be a spherical-up of all the Google seek-related patents that I amassed over the year that was once 2020. be certain that to stay tuned for that.

Device Learning to spot Opinions in Documents

Filed: April 26, 2020 Presented: Nov 10, 2020
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“Example facets of the present disclosure are directed to systems and techniques that hire a gadget-discovered opinion classification type to classify parts (e.g., sentences, words, paragraphs, and the like.) of files (e.g., information articles, web pages, and so forth.) as being opinions or now not opinions. Additional, in a few implementations, parts classified as critiques can also be considered for inclusion in an informational display. as an example, document portions may also be ranked consistent with significance and decided on for inclusion in an informational show according to their ranking. “

Dave’s Notes

This one, as with so much patents, may also be tailored and utilized in a variety of ways, it does appear that a lot of the original impetus is against information, (or probably blogs).

Through figuring out the tenor/opinion of a record it may also be ranked therefore.

As said within the patent, “a component of the report that has been labeled as opinion and/or ranked as having high significance.” you'll additionally imply that it further limits the person’s exposure to new knowledge by way of appearing highly ranked data that enhances their own perceived reviews on an issue (question).

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From the Patent

“Understanding of content (e.g., text) contained in a record by way of a computing gadget is a challenging drawback. Even in the skilled information journalism space, the place articles tend to be written in top quality language and syntax, computing methods are lately in a position to bear in mind only very little concerning the actual content of stories articles. Furthermore, determining how a given article compares to other, comparable information articles written by way of other newshounds is a good more challenging process.”

“Example aspects of the present disclosure are directed to methods and strategies that rent a machine-discovered opinion category model to categorise portions (e.g., sentences, words, paragraphs, and so on.) of documents (e.g., information articles, web pages, etc.) as being opinions or not evaluations. Additional, in some implementations, parts labeled as evaluations will also be regarded as for inclusion in an informational display. as an example, document portions will also be ranked according to importance and selected for inclusion in an informational show according to their ranking. “

Personalization of Internet Seek Results The Use Of Time Period, Category, and Link-Primarily Based Consumer Profiles

Filed: March 27, 2019 Offered: Dec 1, 2020

Dave’s Take

As I Was digging this patent (on personalization) it discusses (partially) the PageRank/Random Surfer way. And the restrictions therein.

For the ones no longer all that intimate with it, that’s the center section of hyperlinks, that is an clearly necessary space.

They are seeking to adapt this through a more personalised approach and a “profile rank” to better tailor the prevailing (PageRank created) seek effects… Anyway, attention-grabbing stuff.

From the Patent

“actually, a user like the random surfer never exists. Each And Every person has his own preferences when he submits a query to a seek engine. the quality of the hunt results lower back via the engine has to be evaluated through its users’ pleasure. When a consumer’s preferences can also be well defined by way of the query itself, or whilst the user’s desire is identical to the random surfer’s desire with appreciate to a selected question, the consumer is much more likely to be satisfied with the quest results. Alternatively, if the person’s choice is significantly biased via a few private components which can be now not clearly reflected in a search query itself, or if the user’s desire is rather other from the random consumer’s choice, the search effects from the same search engine is also much less useful to the user, if no longer unnecessary.”

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Contextually Related Wisdom Panels in an Software Atmosphere

Filed: Would Possibly 23, 2019 Offered: Dec 15, 2020


“From the content of a record, a actual entity that relates to the content material of the file is decided. Content for an information panel is asked. a knowledge panel is a user interface component that provides a collection of content material related to the real entity. The contents of the information panel is won for contemporaneous display at the person software with the content of the document.”

Dave’s Notes

Curiously this one doesn’t actually have a ton of latest components we’d now not be familiar with when it comes to knowledge panels, however I’ve in fact not noticed a ton of descriptive patents on them. So, it’s price inclusion right here as of late.

for example, if you happen to’re no longer acquainted with what an entity is totally, they do describe them as, “Entities can come with, but aren't limited to, an individual, position, usa, landmark, animal, historic event, organization, industry, sports activities group, wearing adventure, film, track, album, game, paintings of art, or any other suitable entity.”

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From the Patent

“However, when growing search queries to undergo the search engine, the user frequently needs to supply contextual knowledge of the file in the question. for instance, a consumer may be authoring a report to explain bears within the Smokey Mountains. The question the user will need to formulate will wish to express this informational want.”

“In a few implementations, a data panel provides a abstract of knowledge for the entity. for example, a knowledge panel for a singer might come with the identify of the singer, a picture of the singer, an outline of the singer, one or extra data concerning the singer, and content material that identifies songs and albums recorded via the singer.”

“In some implementations, a data panel can give more granular knowledge. for example, if a report phase is in regards to the singer’s childhood, the information panel can give information regarding the college the singer attended, a snippet concerning the town the singer grew up in, and the singer’s memories of rising up there.”

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That’s about it for this week other people. If there’s a selected space of seek that you’d be interested in reading up on, be at liberty to get in contact with me.

i am all the time happy to assist.

See you next week!

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