How Much Are TikTok Gift Points Worth?

Curious about the value of your TikTok gifts? Check out our new TikTok Gift Money Calculator tool to find out!

1 What Are TikTok Gift Prices?

2 How Much Are Tiktok Coin Prices?

3 How To Send TikTok Gifts?

4 Can All Users Use The TikTok Gift Receiving Feature?

5 How To Turn On TikTok Live?

Prices for gifts thrown in TikTok may vary depending on their types. You can send the gift you want to send to your loved ones by selecting it according to your budget, or you can send it to you by opening a live broadcast. You can determine your budget by having detailed information about TikTok gift prices.

What Are TikTok Gift Prices?

You can collect gifts by opening a live broadcast via Tiktok, which is one of the platforms used with interest in recent times, or you can present gifts by participating in live broadcasts.Dec. Accordingly, TikTok gift prices are as follows:

The price of the TikTok sports car gift is $381.The TikTok stately Castle price is $226.The price of the TikTok yacht gift is $101.TikTok unicorn gifts cost $ 57.The TikTok money rain gift costs $ 12 .TikTok kiss gifts$ 2 . TikTok asa gifts cost $ 2 .The price of a TikTok bear is $ 1.4 .The price of TikTok Rose is$0.029. By examining the amount of TikTok gifts, you can make gifts according to your budget.

How Much Are TikTok Coin Prices?

You can shape your balance by knowing about token prices as well as Tiktok gifts. Accordingly, TikTok coin prices are as follows:

7,000 tokens, $ 83.5 .5,000 coins for $ 41 .3,500 coins for $ 47 .2,000 coins for $ 16 .1,400 coins for$ 16 .500 coins for$ 4 .350 coins for $ 4.5 .100 coins for $ 0.83 .1 coin, $ 0.083 .

With these tokens, you can get gifts through Tiktok. The buyer earns half the purchase price of the gift when giving the gifts you have to the people you follow. The balance in question can be converted to a gift or converted to money. TikTok gift prices differ with the direction of the amount earned to the recipient and the person given the gift.

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How To Send TikTok Gifts?

The necessary steps for sending TikTok gifts are as follows:

TikTok gifts are sent by participating in the live broadcast.In the lower right corner of the live broadcast screen, there is a gift box and Rose buttons. you are directed to the price table through the desired menu.You can make purchases with your credit card information by choosing what you want to send from the gifts you have reviewed.After your purchase, you can select and send the gift.

Can All Users Use The TikTok Gift Receiving Feature?

The TikTok gift receiving feature can be activated after certain adjustments are made. Accordingly, what to do to activate the TikTok gift receiving button is as follows:

TikTok gifts are purchased with coins. Prices for gifts prepared in packages are reflected according to the total amount.TikTok coins; It can be purchased via the Google Play Store or the App Store.Purchases made through the application are transferred to your Tiktok account balance.Coins purchased cannot be refunded or cashed.With your Tiktok account balance Active, the gift receiving / sending feature is also opened.For your gift sending operations, you can be included in live broadcasts and move through the buttons located in the lower right corner.To get a gift, you need to open a live broadcast.To track your account balance, you can view your balance by following Settings > Privacy > balance.

How To Turn On TikTok Live?

The steps to be followed to open TikTok live are as follows:

Not every Tiktok user can open a live broadcast. After meeting certain criteria, you can get the right to open a live broadcast.To open a Tiktok live broadcast, your number of followers must be 1,000 or more users.In order to open a live broadcast via Tiktok, you must be older than 16 years old.You must be over the age of 18 to receive TikTok Live presents.

By having information about TikTok gift prices, you can also send gifts in this direction.