How to Add Link to Instagram Posts?

Instagram add a link to a photo, one of the best ways to redirect users from your Instagram account when there is a need to promote a product or something is to add links to shares.

It is important to know what needs to be done for this and to do the operations in order.

Click the “chain” icon to add stickers and emojis.

Select the “add” link from.

Adding a link to the photo is complete.

If you work with multiple accounts on Instagram, or even prefer to share on the computer, you can also link through Postgrain. But for this, you need to have min 10K followers.

After logging into Instagram, click on “new story” from the menu on the left.

Again, it is necessary to click on the” chain " icon. This icon is the Add link icon. You must paste the URL you want to add here.

When all the content is ready, just click “Publish now”.

Add A Link To An Instagram Photo

Adding Links To Instagram Photo Is Easy
Another type of link you can add to stories is short cuts of videos on your IGTV channel.

Upload the photo.

Click the” chain " icon to add stickers and emojis;

Select the “add” link from.

Instagram will direct you to a screen with all the videos posted on your channel. Choose which one you want to announce and then click “OK”.

Adding a link to an Instagram photo with a mobile phone is extremely easy.

Select the photo to upload.

Click the three points that appear below it.

Select Edit ;

Add the desired link and click”OK".

How To Link In Bio?

This strategy is crucial for any Instagram profile, and especially if you haven't hit the 10K mark yet. A good way to guide your followers is to add the already famous link to the biography.

Instagram adding a link to a photo the feature is available to all users and does not need a minimum number of followers to use it. Whether it's a mobile phone or a computer, it's easy to add a link to the biography.

With your profile open, click Edit Profile.

Enter the desired URL and then click”OK".

This is the most basic way to put a link to an Instagram bio.

There is also a way to send links with DM.

However, there are also direct messages on Instagram that many people don't know yet.

If you copy a link from your mobile phone and paste it into a chat in a DM, the URL turns blue, which can be used so that the person who is chatting with you clicks and redirects normally.