How To Close A Hacked Instagram Account

Closing and deleting a stolen Instagram account; Instagram, one of the popular social media apps, is both entertainment and work place for many people. With Instagram being the most preferred worldwide and frequently used by users throughout the day, we can get the latest news from our friends, the phenomena and the artists we love.

We may also sell items through our Instagram app, which we use to messaging, chatting and watching funny videos and content with our friends.

While some of us dream of reaching thousands of followers on an Instagram account and becoming a phenomenon, some of us dream of using the Instagram app as a sales and marketing channel and increase our sales.

However, Instagram accounts, like other social media accounts, can be hacked from time to time.

Especially accounts with thousands of followers; they have to deal with such attacks more than other accounts.

In this article, how to close an Instagram account that works for people whose Instagram account is stolen and want to close their stolen account? We will try to answer the question and enlighten those interested in the topic.

Instagram Recover Hacked Account

Instagram Recover Hacked Account

If you want to get back your Instagram account that you worked hard to grow and your photos and videos that you worked so hard to prepare and upload to your page; You can listen to our suggestions below.

  • Under the username and password questions addressed to you when you log into your Instagram account, there is the phrase "You forgot your password."
  • Click on this phrase to get your stolen Instagram account back.
  • Then enter the requested phone number and email address in the correct place so that you will be sent a link to reset your password and change.
  • When you select the "I'm not the one who made the change" option in the email sent to your email address, you are informing the Instagram authorities that your password has been changed by third parties other than you, i.e., your account has been stolen.
  • You can easily recover a stolen account if you follow a few security steps.

If you want Instagram officials to get it back to you in a shorter time frame and get your stolen account back as soon as possible; You can also try emailing Instagram that your account has been stolen.

You can contact Instagram through the Instagram support page.