How to make slow motion on TikTok?

1 How To Make TikTok Slowmo With Iphone?

2 How To Make TikTok Slowmo On Android Phone?

3 is Slowmo just a TikTok Special Effect?

4 How Long Does TikTok Slowmo Take?5 What Is TikTok Slowmo?

To make TikTok Slowmo, you must first log in to TikTok and then edit the video as slowmo. For TikTok Slowmo you also don't need to download an app or do video pre-editing. Arrangements are made after the video shoot. You can learn from the subheadings how to take steps to make TikTok Slowmo on Iphone and Android.

How To Make TikTok Slowmo With Iphone?

Steps to make TikTok Slowmo with iPhone:

First, TikTok video shooting is performed.After the video is finished, the “timer“ icon in the lower left corner of the screen is touched.Immediately after that, click on the “timer effects“ section.Dec.Start a slow-motion video preview the command header is touched. After watching the Video, click “save“ in the upper-right corner of the screen to make the video ready for sharing.

When the share command is given, the video will appear in TikTok within seconds.

How To Make TikTok Slowmo On Android Phone?

To make TikTok Slowmo on Android phone, the same steps are followed to make Tiktok Slowmo on Iphone phone. All operations are done with the same steps and no October method is used. Just log in to TikTok from the device and then log in to the screen's timer tab to confirm the timer effects to video slow motion. After the preview, the video is saved and shared to TikTok.

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Is Slowmo just a special effect for TikTok?

It is not like slowmo is just a special effect for TikTok. The Google Play Store and Apple Store also have apps that give Slowmo effect to video. On the other hand, it is possible to share videos edited in this way from Facebbok and Instagram videos.

But you don't need to download an extra app to your devices to make TikTok slowmo. The TikTok app gives zate the chance to apply this effect in the video creation area for free. After shooting the video, sharing is provided with the effect defined on the video. The slow-motion effect, which is not exclusive only to TikTok, is especially used to slow down the movements of moving generations.

How Long Does TikTok Slowmo Take?

The time to make TikTok slowmo is 15 seconds. For TikTok Slowmo, no detail editing is required. After the Video is shot, this effect is defined and shared to the video within a few seconds. It is not an effect that is difficult to apply as thought.

What Is TikTok Slowmo?

TikTok Slowmo is a mode that serves to highlight timeout and slow motion in the video. In art, filmmakers prefer this effect to give movies a more impressive look. Using TikTok slowmo correctly makes videos more epic. The timeout effect added to the wrong time in the Video may stop badly. For videos that can gain a good effect with more slow motion, Titok Slowmo should be preferred.