How To Open An Account On Youtube?

With the growth of the Internet world, many websites have started to emerge. In this development process, social media sites are the most prominent websites. On social media sites, websites based on producing and sharing content, such as Youtube, have made great progress.

Youtube is a social media site created for people to share or watch videos. Users use this site to learn about anything or to have fun. Videos shared by channel owners on this site, which can be logged in in a Web environment or from phone applications, are watched by other users.

Because the Youtube platform is used so often, people want to share videos by opening their own channels for various purposes. Users who want to open a Youtube channel should follow these steps;

From the web site;

Google account is Created Via com Google account is opened with the sign in option on the right in the search engine decoded channel is created with the session opened by entering com address

Via App;

Download Youtube app from App Store Google account opens from “Accounts” tab on phone opens channel using session opened in Youtube app

After opening Youtube, those who wish can use their channels, as well as those who wish, make changes to produce content. If the person likes it just by following other channels, subscribe, etc. if he wants to, he can continue to use his account by simply setting up a profile picture and name. If a person is going to produce content, they need to go to different regulations.

People who want to use the Youtube platform for content production must first make a general design of their account. First, one needs to find a catchy name. A channel name should be carefully selected, since it will be a person's brand.

After determining the channel name, profile picture and banner should be made. Making photos according to the category of a person's channel with various photo programs attracts attention when viewed from the outside. After photos are also completed, privacy settings and keyword optimization adjustments must be made.

How To Use Youtube Channel?

If a person from a Youtube channel is going to produce video content, they should first determine a category based on their interest. The channel owner must then conduct a preliminary investigation by examining similar channels. A channel owner who finds an idea of content by examining other channels can share it by producing their own content in an “original” way.

YouTube channel owners should make various optimizations when sharing videos. These optimizations allow videos to be shown to more people, allowing the channel to grow better. For this purpose, it should use phrases and keywords appropriate to the video in the video title and video description. For example, a channel owner who wants to share a video about bread making should write a phrase in the form of “how to make bread” and keywords such as #bread #bread making.