LEARN HOW TO use the voice tweet characteristic on Twitter?

Twitter, a leading social media platform, is consistently enhancing user experience with new features. Among the latest additions are Twitter Fleets and voice tweets, paralleling Instagram's stories. For those keen on utilizing these innovative functions, particularly the Twitter voice tweet feature, we provide a detailed guide to navigate this platform's offering.

How to Use Twitter's Voice Tweet Feature?

Twitter's voice tweet option offers a fresh medium for expression beyond the traditional text and visual content, initially rolling out on the iOS application. The voice tweet feature is set to expand to Android devices soon. Here’s how you can send voice tweets on Twitter:

  • Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • On the tweet composition screen, you'll notice a microphone icon.
  • Press and hold this icon to start recording your message, similar to voice messaging on WhatsApp.
  • Twitter allows up to 140 seconds for each voice tweet.

What You Need to Know About Voice Tweets

Voice tweets, Twitter's novel addition, are exclusive to new tweet compositions and cannot be used in replies or retweets. It’s worth noting that your profile picture will accompany your audio tweet visually. If you're not satisfied with your current profile image, consider updating it before sharing your voice tweet.

When you play a voice tweet from your timeline, you can browse other tweets while the audio continues to play. You have the option to pause or resume playback using the play bar at the bottom of the screen.

While voice tweets represent an innovative direction for Twitter, some users have raised concerns about accessibility, particularly for the hearing impaired. Despite this, voice tweets are now live on the platform and available for use.

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