LEARN HOW TO use the voice tweet characteristic on Twitter?

Common social networking platform Twitter has been offering new options one after some other recently. These options come with Twitter Fleets and voice tweets, similar to Instagram's tales….

The Popular social networking platform Twitter has lately been introducing new features one after every other. These options include Twitter Fleets and audio tweets, which can be similar to Instagram's tales. So, what do you wish to have to do to make use of a brand new characteristic, a practical process like sending a voice tweet? for those who are wondering how to make use of Twitter voice tweet function , we've got explained this selection of the platform step by step.

learn how to tweet Twitter audio?

on the popular social media platform, the voice tweet feature has develop into an alternate for the company to visually orientated tweets which include vintage text and picture-video. The voice tweet feature is lately available on Twitter's iPhone app in the first position. Then Again, afterwards, Twitter audio teweet will be to be had on Android phones. To ship Twitter voice tweets , follow these steps if you need to:

First, log into the iPhone or Android cellular app on Twitter. you'll then see a microphone icon on the tweet compose monitor. Press and cling, you'll file audio similar to in Whatsapp. Twitter lately gives as much as ONE HUNDRED FORTY seconds of audio tweeting, despite the fact that Twitter audio tweeting has stood out as an alternative to text- and symbol-centered posts for many.

Issues to understand about voice tweets

Voice tweets, the brand new characteristic of Twitter, can't be used in response to a percentage, you will most effective have the danger to make use of the voice tweet while creating an original tweet. Some Other side of this feature is that Twitter profile picture is visually attached to audio tweets. So if you're now not very happy along with your profile photo, you'll be able to amendment it, as a result of on Twitter, you'll see your profile picture at the same time as sharing the audio tweet.

whilst you get started taking note of the audio tweets via tapping the tweet of an individual sharing in your main flow, you turn to a distinct tweet and keep scrolling on the homepage. , you'll be able to proceed listening to the audio tweet you'll be able to proceed or prevent the voice tweet by means of touching the play bar at the backside.

Although the Twitter voice tweet function is an cutting edge step, some other folks mentioned that it created an accessibility problem and that it might be a problem for individuals with hearing impairments not to access the tweets. . at the different hand, voice tweets are now revealed on Twitter and you'll be able to use them.

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