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Instagram is one of the most used applications today. In fact, we mostly spend half of our day on Instagram. Since it is such a widely used application, people have now moved their corporate business to Instagram. The option to open a store feature on Instagram has also recently appeared.

Thanks to this feature, you can both sell your products and shop as you wish. Payment options vary from store to store. While some vendors have a cash on delivery feature, some vendors can only pay by credit or debit card.

What Does Opening a Store Feature on Instagram Do?

Thanks to the option to open a store feature on Instagram , you can open your own store and sell your products. Since it is an application used by almost everyone today, it will be an advantage for you to move your works and products to Instagram. You can make good sales by increasing the number of followers of your account. The most important rule of opening a store and selling on Instagram is to gain the trust of your customers and share conversational images with the permission of the people you sell to.

Customers will see these conversations and trust your store and you to shop. In addition, you can use the Instagram store feature with peace of mind, not only for selling products, but also for shopping. Today, many people shop for clothes from Instagram boutique pages.

Instagram Mağaza Özelliği Nasıl Açılır?

Instagram mağaza özelliğini açmak için aşağıdaki adımları takip etmeniz gerekmektedir:

Öncelikle bir facebook hesabı açıp, instagram hesabınızı facebook hesabınızla birleştirmelisiniz.Daha sonra instagram hesabınızı ayarlar kısmından işletme hesabına çevirmeniz gerekmektedir.Bir e- ticaret sitenizin olması ve bu e- ticaret sitenizde çok aktif olmanız gerekmektedir.Ürünlerinizi e- ticaret sitesine eksiksiz bir şekilde yüklemelisiniz.Facebook business manager’da da bir işletme hesabı açmanız gerekmektedir.Facebook business manager’da bir katalog açmanız ve bu kataloğa ürünlerinizi eksiksiz bir şekilde girmeniz gerekmektedir.Son adım olarak ise alışveriş özelliğini aktif edin ve hesabınızın instagram tarafından onaylanmasını bekleyin.

After you complete these steps and your store is opened, you can start selling your products on Instagram.

Adding Products to Your Instagram Store

Adding products to your Instagram store is very easy. Select the image of the product you want to add, click on the product tag option and add your product easily.

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