Snapchat Extends Period of Video Ads from 10 Seconds to 3 Minutes

Engage More with Extended Video Ads

In a significant update, Snapchat has expanded the maximum length of video ads, offering advertisers up to three minutes to engage users. This move deviates from the previous ten-second limit established since 2014.

Seamless Advertising Experience

Previously, advertisers encouraged users to 'swipe up' for extended content. Now, lengthier ads integrate seamlessly, maintaining the skippable format that respects user control.

Competitive Edge in Advertising

With this update, Snapchat aligns its ad offerings with competitors, enhancing bid optimization for 15-second views and leveraging user engagement.

New Horizons for Advertisers

Expanding beyond the duration, Snapchat enhances ad formats, introducing a 'swipe-up' feature for non-skippable ads, directing users to web pages or long-form videos.

Snapshot of Market Impact

Snapchat's ad platform gains momentum, capturing a significant share of paid social budgets and competing robustly with platforms like Facebook and Instagram.