WEB OPTIMIZATION Training Systems For Each Knowledge & Experience Degree

As you're expanding your SEO team, understanding the specific SEO knowledge level of new hires is crucial for their integration into your SEO training program. Tailoring the training according to their experience ensures both their success and yours.

Training Essentials for SEO Newcomers

For those new to SEO, starting with the basics is essential. Introduction to key concepts like SERP, algorithmic changes, and SEO pillars (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) can lay a solid foundation for further learning. Utilizing resources such as videos and articles can help these beginners grasp the fundamentals more comfortably.

Intermediate Level SEO Development

For team members with a moderate understanding of SEO, it's important to build upon their existing knowledge without dwelling too long on the basics. Focus on more complex topics such as indexation, page performance, and current trends in digital marketing to help them enhance their SEO strategies effectively.

Advanced SEO Training for Experts

Highly experienced SEO professionals require a different approach. Skip the basics in favor of in-depth training on technical SEO, including conducting site audits and understanding JavaScript, hreflang tags, and schema markup. This level of training can prepare them for leadership roles within your SEO program.


Regardless of their initial SEO knowledge, providing the right resources and training can help every new team member thrive. From basics for beginners to advanced strategies for experts, each stage of the training program is designed to enhance their skills and contribute to the team's success.

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