What Are The Best Hours To Get On The TikTok Discover Page?

TikTok discover hours are very important for content producers to receive interaction. So, what are the TikTok discover hours?


Content producers can be a phenomenon by sharing in line with TikTok discovery hours. Posts shared on TikTok fall into the Discover section at certain times. TikTok user increases the number of followers on the platform thanks to the posts that fall to Discover. Many users want to come to the forefront on the platform where music and video content is produced and shared. Various methods are being tried in this. Among these methods, sharing posts according to the Discovery hours is also included. Dec. According to Discover hours, the number of comments and likes increases when the post is shared. In our article, we have compiled information about the hours of TikTok Discovery for you in 2023. Here are the details…

Hours For Get On The Tiktok Discover Page

TikTok has recently become popular among social media platforms by increasing the number of users Decently. As with all social media platforms, sharing hours need to be paid attention to in order to get interaction on TikTok. The most important TikTok Discovery tactic is the hours at which the shares are made. We can list the hours of TikTok Discovery as follows;

  • Monday: 18:00 to 00:00,
  • Tuesday: 21:00-12:00,
  • Wednesday: 18:00 to 03:00,
  • Thursday: 19:30 to 01:00,
  • Friday: 18:00 to 12:00,
  • Saturday: 19:00 to 00:00,
  • Sunday: 11:00 to 17:00,

The time zones we mentioned above are used by TikTok phenomena. Phenomenons produce and share content for their target audience during the hours we specify. However, these time zones may differ according to everyone's target audience.

Those who are engaged in e-commerce on TikTok can share in the following time zones to be discovered;

  • Monday: 06:00- 10:00 before teaching; 22:00 in the evening
  • Tuesday: 02:00- 04:00- 06:00 Dec
  • Wednesday: 07:00-08:00 from noon to Dec.; evening 23:00
  • Thursday: Dec 09:00- 12:00; in the evening 19:00
  • Friday: 05:00 before noon; from Dec. 13:00 to Dec.15:00
  • Saturday: Dec. 11:00 before noon; evening from 19:00 to 20:00
  • Sunday: 07:00-08:00 before noon; afternoon 16:00

How are the Get On The Explore Hours Determined?

The purpose of using TikTok Explore hours differs according to the audience. In order to determine the sharing hours on Tiktok, it is necessary to analyze the target audience first. For this, it is necessary to take into account the time of comments and likes received on previous posts. A report should be kept in which time zones the target audience liked and commented on the posts. Discovery can be deducted more easily when this report is shared correctly.

The sharing times of the posts are very important at the point of the TikTok Explore tactic. TikTok has a global audience. The languages we are talking about are general. However, the user can still get better results from the analysis of their target kits. Great care should be taken in which time zones the target ketla is online.

What to Do to Go Exploring on Tiktok?

To go exploring on TikTok, first of all, time zones need to be very careful. When sharing is done at certain hours, Discovery is quickly deducted. We can specify the other things to do to fall on TikTok as follows;

  • Popular trends should be followed and videos like them should be taken and shared,
  • You should also keep in touch with other users,
  • Videos should be shared regularly and at December intervals,
  • The community rules determined by the application must be followed,
  • High quality videos should be used,
  • Effective videos should be created and shared,
  • Blue teak should be tried to buy,
  • Videos with effective titles should be prepared,
  • Videos should be created in such a way that they do not bore the short viewer,
  • Trending and remarkable music should be used in videos,

In order to be discovered on TikTok, videos must be prepared in high quality, high resolution. The TikTok algorithm ensures that quality videos fall into Discovery. In this, it looks at the likes and comments made by other users to the video.

We have given important information in our article about TikTok Discovery hours.