What Are TikTok LIVE Gifts and How Do They Work? |Understanding TikTok LIVE Gifts

TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms for social media entertainment, with millions of users creating videos of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, or just sharing their daily lives. One of the most fascinating features of TikTok is the LIVE broadcast feature, where users can broadcast live content to their followers. TikTok LIVE Gifts are part of this experience, and they allow viewers to send virtual gifts to their favorite creators as a way of showing support. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what TikTok LIVE Gifts are and how they work.

TikTok LIVE Gifts are virtual gifts that can be sent to creators during a LIVE broadcast. Similar to physical gifts, they come in different forms, such as virtual roses, hearts, and rainbows, with each gift having a unique value in terms of coins. These coins are the virtual currency used on TikTok, and they can be purchased in advance by viewers who want to support their favorite creators during a LIVE broadcast. In the app, they can be used to purchase gifts, which they can then send to creators in real-time.

To purchase coins, viewers can tap on the gift icon located on the bottom right corner of the LIVE broadcast. They can then choose the Coins icon, and select the amount of coins they want to purchase. Once they’ve purchased the coins, they can browse through the various virtual gifts available on the app and choose the one they want to send. Each gift has a different value, with the more expensive ones having a greater impact on the creator’s earnings.

When a viewer sends a virtual gift to a creator during a LIVE broadcast, the creator receives a certain percentage of that gift's value in the form of real money. In other words, the higher the value of the virtual gift, the more money the creator earns. The percentage of earnings varies depending on the region, but in most cases, creators receive between 50-70% of the value of the gift they receive.

Viewers can also compete with each other to become the top contributor during a LIVE broadcast. The top contributor is the viewer who sends the most gifts during the broadcast, and their name will be featured at the top of the gifting leaderboard. This feature is a way for viewers to show their appreciation for their favorite creators while also competing with others.

TikTok LIVE Gifts are a great way for viewers to show their support for their favorite creators and a way for creators to earn money during their LIVE broadcasts. They’re an essential part of the TikTok experience and have become a powerful tool for creators worldwide. If you’re a TikTok user, why not try sending a virtual gift to your favorite creator during their next LIVE broadcast? Who knows, you could become their top contributor and earn a place on the gifting leaderboard!