WHAT IS the multi-account characteristic in Instagram?

Today, social media is an integral part of our lives, extending beyond personal profiles to thematic and business accounts. Instagram, as a leading social network, has long embraced the concept of managing multiple accounts, offering users the ability to switch between personal, side, or thematic profiles seamlessly. For those interested in managing multiple accounts on Instagram, the platform's user-friendly interface allows for effortless navigation and control. But how does one open and manage multiple Instagram accounts? Let’s delve into the process designed for avid social media users.

How to Log Into Multiple Accounts on Instagram?

Instagram’s multi-account feature caters to the needs of professionals, marketers, and anyone looking to handle several profiles. To access multiple Instagram accounts, you can toggle between them via a simple interface, avoiding the hassle of logging out and re-entering passwords. Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. In the menu, look for the option to add an account and tap it.
  3. Follow the prompts to add a new Instagram account.

Once logged in, Instagram remembers your credentials, so you won’t need to enter your password again. Bear in mind, Instagram allows a maximum of five accounts on a single device. To add a sixth, you’ll need to remove one of the existing logged-in accounts. To switch between added accounts:

  1. Tap the profile icon at the bottom right.
  2. Your other accounts will appear; tap the account you wish to switch to.

Adding a new, unregistered account is as straightforward as selecting the 'Create Account' option and providing the necessary details like phone number or email.

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