WHAT'S the solution for Instagram Picture Quality Declining Drawback?

It is possible to come across the problem of Instagram photo quality is declining from time to time. In order to post stronger high-quality pictures on Instagram, it's necessary to pre-process the photo. There is no use in taking a photo with the most productive digital camera, saving the image in the perfect resolution, and then posting it with the hope that these features can be preserved.

There are some rules that have to be adopted for posting a photo on Instagram, and they must be strictly followed. Otherwise, the platform will change the properties of the picture to optimize the post.

Ideally, you desire to post pictures in portrait or portrait layout. This means that photos have to be stored in a vertical structure that corresponds to the appropriate dimension and may observe a 4:5 aspect ratio at a minimum dimension of 1080. You can use Adobe Photoshop Express to adjust your photos; the app is free for Android and iOS.

Enhance Instagram Picture Quality

Follow these steps to adjust photos: Adobe Photoshop Express install and run it. Open the app and import the photograph to be edited. Tap on the crop option on the icon located beneath the picture. Tap on “Ratio” and find the “Custom” option. Set the width to 1350 pixels and the height to 1080 pixels, click “apply” to save the settings. Adjust the picture cropping area on the screen and then tap “Export”. Ready! Your photo is ready to be shared on Instagram in the definition and format appropriate for the platform.

Adobe Photoshop Express helps you set and crop the best solution for pictures on Instagram. In this manner, the issue of Instagram picture quality is declining is eliminated.

Do Not Share Photos with Low Quality

Instagram photo quality is declining. To resolve the problem, you need to prepare the photo before sharing. It's necessary to make it ready to share in the application.

Instagram adjusts all pictures to its own size when shared. In this case, it's normal for the image quality to diminish when low-resolution pictures are shared.

Therefore, pictures with high resolution must be shared so that the image quality doesn't decrease.

By the way, if the image is slightly blurry, even if the clarity of the camera is good, it should be noted that there may be an issue in the sharpness settings of the software, as well as an indication that the lens is not clean.

If there is a problem in the sharpness settings, it should be repaired. If the lens is not clean, it needs to be wiped with a soft cloth. Afterwards, it can be shot again and shared on social media.